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A few lessons learned on digital transformation in the arts

The availability and ease of use of Schema plugins is a very good thing in and of itself. We just need to ensure that the sector’s digital transformation doesn’t stop with Schema. Otherwise, we will primarily serve the interests of giant corporations and we will miss out on opportunities for arts organizations and artists to take more direct and active control over their data future.


Call for Participation in Digital Discoverability Program

CAPACOA invites performing arts presenters to participate in a Digital Discoverability Program with Culture Creates. Participants part of the Linked Digital Future Initiative. Between September 2019 and March 2020, a first cohort of 15 organizations will have the opportunity to work with Culture Creates to translate their event information into structured data readable by search engines and recommendation systems. As a result, local arts goers and tourists alike will have a much easier time finding your events, no matter what device or application they use.