Communities of practice

“A standard is not a document; it’s a community.”
Kate Ruff, Co-Director, Carleton Centre for Community Innovation

The Linked Digital Future initiative participates in and supports two communities of practice dedicated to a data-centric transformation of the performing arts sector. Anyone who cares or who is interested to learn more about data modelling, knowledge bases, Wikidata and/or data governance should consider joining either or both of these communities.

LODEPA stands for “Linked Open Data Ecosystem for the Performing Arts”.

Members of this community share a vision for an international, decentralized linked open data ecosystem for the performing arts domain as described in the report A Linked Digital Future for the Performing Arts. Like the architecture for this ecosystem, which consists of many layers (see this figure), the LODEPA community is organized in seven working groups which are loosely coupled.

While the first three working groups address technical and semantic issues related to data publication, working groups 4 to 6 specifically focus on particular sections of the performing arts value network, their usage and contribution scenarios, their requirements, as well as their patterns of cooperation. Working group 7 in turn is dedicated to coordinating collaboration on the whole and to ensuring the sustainability of all the key components of the linked open data ecosystem for the performing arts.

People wishing to participate or to find out more about the LODEPA community may join the LODEPA Workspace on Slack or subscribe to the mailing list.

Performing Arts Information Representation (PAIR) is a W3C community group dedicated to advancing the use of shared conceptual models for better data interoperability in the performing arts domain. This Community Group provides a forum for the exchange of ideas and experiences, scenarios and requirements while bringing together key stakeholders. 

The group is meeting on a monthly basis. In between meetings, the group collaborates on Slack and on GitHub.

Join the PAIR-CG on W3C

Join the PAIR-CG on Github