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Digital Navigation Program

The Digital Navigation Program is a single-window access to one-on-one digital literacy and digital transformation services for performing arts and service organizations. Digital navigators can help organizations gain clarity about their digital needs and opportunities. Upon certain conditions, organizations may also benefit from the guidance of a coach as they take action upon those needs or opportunities.

The Digital Navigation Program supplements other services and activities within the Linked Digital Future initiative, such as the Digital Discoverability Program and the Digital Shift workshops. Performing arts organizations are allowed and encouraged to benefit from as many Linked Digital Future services and activities as they desire.

Who this is for

The Digital Navigation Program is for performing arts producing and presenting organizations as well as arts service organizations.

There is no eligibility criteria. If…

  • You have specific digital needs;
  • You have other business needs for which there might exist a digital solution;
  • There is some digital opportunity you would like to seize; or
  • You are simply curious to know what you don’t know (yet);

… Then the digital navigation program is for you.

How to apply

  1. Complete our LDF Digital Maturity Assessment and write down the two numbers for your Digital Culture and Digital Intensity
  2. Fill out the digital navigation contact form
  • Be prepared to identify your performing arts organization’s digital business challenges in the form as well as when our Digital Navigation and Coaching team follows up.
  • While there is no deadline, we only have a limited number of spots. Requests for digital navigation are ongoing but will be first come, first served during the Linked Digital Future initiative.

What to expect

  • After you complete the Digital Maturity Assessment and LDF Coaching Request form, an LDF Digital Navigator in your region will email you to schedule time to discuss and better understand who might be able to assist you.
  • After meeting, the Digital Navigator will make a recommendation for support. Depending on your needs and level of digital literacy, you may be directed to available resources, suggested potential collaboration opportunities, or forwarded to a Digital Transformation Coach for further support.
  • Up to 15 hours of dedicated coaching is available for up to 20 performing arts organizations (producing, presenting, and service organizations) in 2020.
  • If all 20 available coaching spots are filled in 2020, a wait list will be maintained for future consideration should additional funding for additional coaching become available.