Call for Artist Participation

Consultations with Indigenous Performing Artists

Linked Digital Future, an initiative led by the Canadian Association for the Performing Arts (CAPACOA), is looking to improve the visibility and representation of the performing arts in Wikidata as we enter a digital future.

A necessary part of this work is to better understand how to accurately and respectfully represent information about IBPOC artists and their practice. Our first step is to consult meaningfully with Indigenous Performing Artists across Canada. What factors do we need to recognize in order to appropriately represent these communities in the web of data?

We are searching for 5 Indigenous performing artists to participate in an individual and focused consultation with our small team. The goal of the session will be to understand what is working and not working for you when going through the process of creating and editing a Wikidata entry.

The sessions are 90 minutes long and will involve the following:

  • Creating a Wikidata entry about you and your art practice
  • Discussion around what works and does not work for you during this process
  • Listening to your concerns about being represented in Wikidata
  • Potentially exploring recommendations and solutions
  • Using your entry as an example that we can learn from in our research process

How to Apply

To apply for this opportunity, please fill out the expression of interest form by Sunday May 16th at Midnight EST


We will be responding to selected applicants by May 21st 2021 and to all other applicants at this time as well as we may have future opportunities for consultation with artists in future group sessions.


We will be conducting the consultations via a video call during which we hope that you may be able to share your screen and view ours as we walk through the process together. We hope you will give candid feedback about the Wikidata entry process as you go through it.


Our hopeful timeline is to book all 5 artist consultation sessions between May 31st – June 18th 2021


The fee paid for a short pre-consultation and the 90 minute consultation is $350


If you are interested in this opportunity, we are happy to provide accessibility, translation, or other accommodations to ensure that you may participate in the consultation session. 


If you have questions about this opportunity, please send them to and we will post responses to the call’s FAQs here for the reference of all artists.


What is Linked Digital Future?

The Linked Digital Future initiative seeks to enhance the discoverability of the performing arts. Our goal is to help the sector leverage the potential of new linked data technologies and to foster collaboration along the performing arts value chain.

What is CAPACOA?

The Canadian Association for the Performing Arts/l’Association canadienne des organismes artistiques (CAPACOA) is a national arts service organization for the performing arts touring and presenting community. CAPACOA represents and serves more than 150 professional for-profit and not-for-profit presenters, festivals, presenter networks, artistic companies, agents, managers and other stakeholders working across the presenting and touring sector in Canada. Collectively, our network members represent nearly 2000 professional and volunteer organizations, associations and companies.

What is Wikidata?

A free, open, multilingual knowledge base. Wikidata was designed to hold information about pretty much everything. But can it meaningfully and respectfully represent information about Indigenous artists and their practices? That’s what we would like to figure out.


We will post responses to questions we receive about the posting here for everyone’s reference.

Expression of Interest Form

To apply for this opportunity, please fill out the following form by Sunday May 16th 2021 at Midnight EST